Client restrictions / AML

We regret to be unable to offer our services to any person classified as a «U.S. Person» under US FATCA legislation, whether resident in the United States or elsewhere.

Legal entities registered, and individuals resident in any of the countries on the list of Jurisdictions with strategic deficiencies (also known as «Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories») maintained by FATF may not be accepted as clients by Interstan Securities

To minimize risk to our clients and ensure sustainability of our business, Interstan Securities will not accept as clients and/or business counterparties any individuals or entities placed on the United Nations sanctions lists, as well as persons included in the list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) maintained by the US Department of the Treasury (OFAC), and persons subject to restrictive measures implemented by the European Union, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

In accordance with the anti-money laundering law of the Kyrgyz Republic Interstan Securities exercises risk-weighted approach in its AML policies and procedures and may introduce additional client restrictions at any time without prior notice.

A notice to investors whose companies are incorporated in offshore financial centers and other countries on various ‘problem lists’. Kyrgyzstan’s financial intelligence unit designated most offshore centers as high-risk countries; as a result EACH transaction carried out with or by entities incorporated there must be notified to the local financial intelligence unit. This places an unreasonable reporting burden on the company’s administrative resources, and we strongly advise prospective clients to avoid making their investments with us through companies incorporated in countries on the list linked here.