This website is dedicated to the activities and services of Interstan Securities LLC, an Interstan Securities LLC firm licensed and regulated in the Kyrgyz Republic.

You have to consult your legal and tax advisor to establish whether products or services offered by us are suitable for you from the investment or regulatory perspective..

Nothing on this website is a specific offer of any products or services. We reserve the right to decline any client or business without having to state reasons. Interstan Securities is subject to anti-money laundering policies and procedures in the jurisdiction of its operation; we request that any approaches be made with the understanding that we will perform checks and require documentation to fulfil our statutory obligations in this regard. Our company also implements the sanctions-based restrictions promulgated by global institutions and major financial centers.

You can read more on our client acceptance policies and restrictions here.

As a financial intermediary Interstan Securities LLC acceded to the agreement with the US Internal Revenue Service under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and has been assigned a Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN): FAD0TS.99999.SL.417.

Interstan Securities LLC operates under the following licenses issued by the securities market regulator of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Financial Market Regulation and Supervision State Service:
• Brokerage Services, license No 04
• Securities Dealer, license No 05
• Investment Asset Management, license No 02

Interstan Securities LLC is a member of the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange since its foundation and is a member of The Stock Exchange of Kyrgyzstan - BTS.